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Fearless Night - Celebration of Life

Come for a “CELEBRATION OF LIFE” for ages 3 – 12 and their families October 31st, 6 PM Come for Games, Contests, Music, Gospel Message, Dancing and Pizza !!! FOR FREE Read...


Тёмная сторона Хэллоуина

Что происходит? По улицам бегают радостные дети в маскарадных костюмах. Среди них есть и Бэтмэн, и ведьма, и дьявол, и привидения, скелеты, маньяк-убийца Фредди Крюгер и так далее. Эти дети ходят от дома к дому, от квартиры к квартире с криками "Read...


Congratulations to Pastors on Marriage Anniversary

Our beloved Pastors, Pastor Mikhail Login and Pastor Vera Login, celebrated their 20th Anniversary on October 21st, 2010. The Church and the Community would like to congratulate them. They're a great example to this world and we wish them many more bRead...


Пастор Ольга Музычук: Три стадии мечты

«До чего техника дошла!», - сказал почтальон Печкин. «Это не техника дошла, это я сама к вам дошла, на лыжах», - ответила мама дяди Фёдора. Как хорошо, что техника всё-таки шагнула вперёд, и в среду на женской группе мы имели возможность участвоватRead...


Pastor Vera Login: 6 strategies of positive thinking

Inspired after reading the book of Joyce Meyer «Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies for Winning the Battle of the Mind», pastor Vera shared with her women group about positive thinking strategies outlined in the book. The total number of strategies is twelRead...


Charity Sale on Saturday October 9

Years are going by, our children are growing, we change and our households, our basements are getting filled with items that become outdated, items that annoy us and items that no longer fit us. It may include clothes, footwear, electronics, kitchenwRead...


About demons

[Translate to Английский:] Иисус изгоняет бесов

Pastor Vera Login preached on the topic of the demons. Who are those demons? How demons get into life of the people? How to receive deliverance? Jesus came to help the ones who suffer, curing sick by casting out demons. Mark 1:21-28. Casting the demoRead...

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