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[Translate to Английский:] Ольга Цветкова: Бог исцелил меня от рака кожи

[Translate to Английский:] В июле 2002 года врач поставил мне диагноз: рак кожи. На щеке у меня образовалась глубокая открытая рана размером чуть меньше копеечной монеты, которая не заживала. Возвращаясь от врача, в машине я плакала и кричала Read...


Компьютерное образование - служение в церкви “Ковчег”

В канун Рождества завершился очередной поток компьютерных курсов, организованных при церкви “Ковчег” для ее членов и русскоязычных жителей Большого Чикаго. Эти курсы были созданы для по нескольким причинам. Основная цель курсов - улучшить знания компRead...


How we celebrated Christmas

It was an unforgettable day at the end of the year. All of us were waiting for this and it came - the Day of Worship the birth of Savior! Festively decorated church, festively dressed adults and children cheering! Guests, friends, meetings, congratulRead...


Joint prayer of the churches

On December 4 the Ark church held a corporate prayer, which was attended by the pastors, ministers and members of the Greater Chicago Russian speaking churches to worship in one spirit the only One who is worthy. On my watch I stood, and stood on tRead...


Thanksgiving Celebration

On Sunday November  28 in the Church "Ark", there was a  service to celebrate the Day of Thanksgiving. This service was  usual and unusual at the same time. Service as usual began with praise of the Lord in song and prayer, tRead...


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones! We would like to honor this historical and spiritual celebration and send our best wishes and prayers on this day of Thanksgiving . to all our and God’s friends.


Truth about the Halloween or the Celebration of Life.

Oct. 31 is behind, and with that date is a Halloween the holiday that is celebrated on this day. Perhaps many have heard about this day, when children roam through the streets dressed in costume. These kids go from house to house shouting "TrickRead...

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