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June 8-10 Encounter Information and Registration

You are invited to "Encounter with God" retreat on June 8-10. Do not miss this opportunity when you can come face-to-face with God, with His Word, with yourself, and with your past. Click to get more info and register.


What curses are and how to get rid of them

The subject of curses raises many important questions. Many people searching for answers to these questions have turned to fortune-tellers, mediums and all kinds of occultists However, people relying on occult powers cannot gain protection against thRead...


Виктория Логин: "Любовь Христа"

На свете нет такого человека, которого Бог не любил бы всей своей сущностью. Его любовь касается всякого человека. Известно, что Бог есть любовь, но знаешь ли насколько ты любим? Как можно возрастать в познании Божей любви? Писание показывает в


Come to the Memorial Day Picnic on May 28!

Welcome to the Memorial Day Picnic on Monday, May 28th! Come to enjoy fellowship, food, meet new and old friends, games and being outdoors. Bring food to share with other, wear comfortable clothing and shoes; don’t forget your folding chairs. PRead...


В церкви прошло служение "Ре-Инкаунтер"

5 и 6 мая в церкви "Ковчег" состоялся ре-инкаунтер, на котором служили пастор Слава Самойлич и его помощники из церкви "Бет Шалом" г. Нью-Йорк. Предлагаем вашему вниманию проповедь "Внутреннее или внешнее?"


Jesus is Risen - He is risen indeed!

April 8 at the church's Ark was an Easter liturgy. Easter is one of the major festivals in the church calendar. This is a special day in which all the faithful remember that death does not hold Jesus Christ, and He rose again. This is a day of vRead...


Let's celebrate Resurrection Day!

Dear friends! God and we love you, remember about you and invite you to the Easter Service in the Ark Church International. Jesus Christ’s resurrection brought changes into everything. Let’s celebrate it together! We will be waiting for you and hRead...

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