Women Conference with Pastor Olga Ledyaeva

On April 5th and 6th Ark Churh Internation will host a women's conference " Happy woman - happy home” The main speaker of the conference will be the leader of the international movement "Real Woman" Olga Ledyaeva (Riga , Latvia).

Women who want to live a happy, healthy life and bring this atmosphere of happiness and health to their homes are invited to the conference!

The conference will take place on April 5 and 6 in the "Ark Church International" at 1122 W. Rand Rd, Arlington Heights, IL.

Service Times:

 - Saturday 5 April - 3 hours;

 - Sunday , April 6 at 2:00 .

For questions and additional information about the conference, please contact:

- Pastor Vera Login - 847-845-5165

- email - info(at)g12chicago.com