Start Dreaming

I would like to share with you Pastor Olga Muzychuk’s inspirational message from the Women's Conference, which recently took place in Sacramento, California. Pastor Olga is a  woman who is successful in many areas of her life: at home, in the ministry, and in relationships with people. She does not hide the secrets of her successes, and likes to share them with everyone. One of these secrets is on having a dream.

Everything in life starts with a dream. Growing up, every child has many dreams. Everyone imagines himself or herself to be a doctor, astronaut, police officer or a famous superhero. Then they grow up and stop dreaming. Try to remember what your dreams were about and your greatest desires. If you have not been able to achieve many of them, this  message is for you.

Why do people stop dreaming? The answer is very simple. Somewhere and in some way, they got disappointed. Yes, a dream - it is always a risk. It motivates us to act, always gives us strength to move forward, always pushes us out of our comfort zone. The heaviness of making a dream come to reality can bring a lot of difficulties, disappointments, even losses, but you should never stop. Keep on dreaming. If you lost your dream, re-discover it, start dreaming again. Start Today so  your Tomorrow can change!

What does a woman typically dream about? She desires to be loved, to love herself and to give her love and express that love to someone. That is why every woman at one time had dreamed of marriage and of giving birth to a child. Consider this: prior to her last minutes on this earth, a woman still needs love, intimacy, and tenderness. She is looking for this love from her husband or children, but sincerely try as they might, they cannot fully satisfy that need. Only God can fill up the cup of love needed to heal a woman's heart and soul. We can see this from an example of a character from the Bible - Leah, who became Jacob's wife.

This story is a good example of a girl having a dream and fighting to obtain self-happiness. In the 29th chapter of Genesis, we read about Leah whose eyes were weak (Genesis 29:17). It could be that she was far from being as beautiful as her younger sister Rachel. Like every girl, Leah wanted to be loved. One day,  Jacob came into their house. Perhaps Leah had hopes that the young man would fall in love with her. Maybe she even had time to start  loving him during  those seven years he toiled for her father. However, Jacob only had his eyes on Rachel.

Leah attended the wedding of Jacob and Rachel. She heard the greetings of guests and saw the  face of the bridegroom radiating with joy, and she knew - for she had a secret plan - that only a few hours later she herself  would come to his bedroom and under cover of darkness and nary a sound, would plant herself as the bride. Pretending as Rachel, this one night with Jacob made her life fulfilled. She felt the caresses of a man who so passionately loved his "beloved", whispering the most gentle words and kissing her with the hottest kisses. But, alas, only for one night.

Most likely this night would never happen again in the life of Leah. How ironic, she had never heard those beautiful words about love. She always knew she was not loved.

What did Leah do? Did she start hating her husband? Did she start  doing nasty things to her sister? No, she did not let anger consume her up. Instead, she chose a different path. "Leah conceived and bore a son and named him Reuben, for she said, “It is because the Lord has seen my misery. Surely my husband will love me now" (Genesis 29:32). Leah continued to search for ways to win her husband’s love, so she gave birth to more children and expected  that her husband would love her in return and become attached to her. (Genesis 29:33-34).

But then she began to realize that only God could comfort her heart and fill it with love. She conceived again. When the fourth son was born, she was not looking anymore for her husband’s approval. When she gave birth to a fourth son, she said, “This time I will praise the Lord”. So she she named him Judah.Then she stopped having children” (Genesis 29:35). Only now did she feel that she had achieved her dream of love. This was not her husband’s achievement. It was the work of God in her heart! It was Leah  who gave birth to Judah, ultimately who would become the direct ancestor in the  generational line of Jesus Christ. With a new heart, she bore Judah. It was a new stage in her life when godly self-esteem and God-inspired wisdom had caused her to choose to praise the Lord and give it all to Him and not to expect to experience the fullness of life from a single person.

The real  dream begins when you strive to focus on Jesus. It’s a journey. When you experience  tough times, do not let anger overtake you, neither will you fret and complain. Do not give up; rather, fight on, as did Leah. May all your dreams will be realized in the Lord. Start dreaming because when your heart is full of hopes, this life is worth living. Everyday will present a new and exciting opportunity.

The article is prepare by Maria Chikeyev.