Mother's Day Celebration

"Mother is the first word, an important word in the each- so begins a well-known children's song. How much tenderness and care in the warm hands of a loving mother, and how often - so many unspoken words of gratitude to her address. Perhaps, therefore, there is a special day in the year dedicated to the mother when the children are recognized in love, give flowers and gifts to buy a woman who gave them life. After all, Adam was right when he called his wife Eve, meaning life.
Ark Church is no exception, and on Sunday, May 8, focusing on Mother's Day. Say that it was an ordinary Sunday afternoon - is impossible. For many women, he is remembered as a bright, beautiful and joyful holiday. Beautiful flowers and bouquets by a florist Irina once again delighted lovely ladies. Irina, who not once heard from us words of encouragement for his work, gave the church these bouquets, as well as every woman hand cream, a famous company Mary Kay. Yes, in this day women are not left without presents: cream, delicate handmade scarves, and gift certificates, which fell to the lucky winner of the lottery.
Beautifully decorated tables with fruit does not leave anyone indifferent, especially lovers of strawberries in chocolate. Pleasantly surprised by Pastor Michael login name that own delicious fried fritters, and shared the secret of their preparation: 1. SOSTCO walk into and buy ready mix. 2. Adds a little water. 3. Adds a lot of love. That's the whole recipe.
"Fruitin chocolate - another amazing idea, which arose from the pastor of Faith Login. Creativity, and creativity - this is by bringing this beautiful woman turns ordinary things in a non-standard. Thus was born the new format of the sermon as a female talk show whose theme became the pride, envy and hypocrisy. Learn more about this you can listen to the recording. And of course you can not ignore the special guest of the program - Kung Fu Panda, who entertained the children and made ​​them a good mood.
In conclusion I would like to thank all those who participated in the preparation of this feast, and to remind all those whose mother is alive: take care of his mother, giving her his love and affection, not once a year, and every day.
Cherish your loved ones without which your life would be lonely!

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