Church "Melchizedek" from Sacramento turns 10yrs old

Birthdays can be so different. Exciting or boring, very joyous or not really... Sometimes there are birthday parties that you are forced to attend, but others, you can't wait until that day arrives...you might wake up in the morning with fluttering in your stomach because you realize there are only 14 days left until the big day! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's how it was about two weeks prior to our anniversary.  With every passing day, the wait was shorter. And finally - the day has arrived! "Melchizedek" Church turned 10 years old!!!!!!!!

Today, the waiting has already turned over to reality of living it. Blessed is he who saw what we saw at this celebration! But for those who missed our event, we invite you to share in our joy...at least by bullet points =)
        1. How long we celebrated!
        2. How awesome were the gifts!!
        3. How amazing were our guest speakers!!!
        4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

By our own reaction and by comments of many attendants, we can make a unanimous conclusion – the birthday celebration of "Melchizedek", church of Jesus Christ, was glorious! Everyone, friends and onlookers alike, agree that the level of preparation and professionalism in organizing this event was unlike they have ever seen before. The celebration lasted three whole days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but still left an impression that not all gifts were given away, not all the words of gratitude and congratulations spoken... which, by the way, you can add them here, on our website. Your words will be heard...or in the least, they will be read. =)

On Friday, everyone could sense such a family atmosphere. The worship was more than just gratitude, it was unity. The greetings of our guest speakers were like from our own relatives. When the pastors were revealing the prophetic word of Rhema for the church for the next year of 2011, the atmosphere was in such a way saturated by God's Word, that it was almost physically palpable, like drops of water falling on the audience. And you should have seen how everybody caught their breath when the lights went out and a huge cake was rolled in with ten burning candles - it was the biggest WOW of the night! There was a sensation as if God himself was watching with gentle eyes full of fatherly love as pastors Victor and Olga blew out the candles. Delicious desserts, prepared by our wonderful women, added to the sweetness of Holy Spirit's presence.   The cozy family atmosphere that reighed on Friday, also got passed on to Saturday. From the time I was a student, the word "seminars" aroused only one reaction from me - yawning with the risk of dislocating my jaw. But not so on this day! The seminars were so intriguing, that it's true to say "Melchizedek" is a church that breaks down stereotypes. As I have already mentioned before, the guests we had were particularly amazing. Pastor Roman Mitin from "Peniel" church (Gig Harbor, WA) and pastoral family Yuriy and Tamila Bigun from "World Harvest" church (Portland, OR) - are gifts from God himself to us! I won't open up the topics from the seminars, as you can obtain a CD and enjoy the sermons in the comfort of your home or car but I will say one thing about it, you can always tell when a word was spoken directly from God. It is very simple, if on the next day you can remember and retell what the preaching was about, then it was a LIVE word from God! The topics shared by pastors Yuriy, Tamila, and Roman are still on my mind since the day they were preached. And one other thing, every time a topic would end, I would be surprised that the time flew by so quickly! It is also a given sign that God is speaking to us through that sermon. Thank you so much, pastors, you are all truly God's people. I can't even imagine how we would survive without your generous sacrifice.

And finally, let's talk about Sunday. What a grand and festive service it was in honor of "Melchizedek" church's 10th anniversary! Even if I tried, I couldn't convey everything that happened that day...and even the most beautiful words can't describe the atmosphere of this celebration, it just needed to be felt. The service jumpstarted with an awesome videoclip prepared especially for the event about spiritual progress of the church, with real testimonies of God's miracles in people's lives. Following that, numerous greetings were read that came from different parts of the world by mail and e-mail, and our pastors along with many members of the church received presents. David and Amanda Muzichuk (children of our beloved pastors) also took a turn congratulating the church with its 10th birthday, after which a group of children wowed everyone with an amazing performance of a theatrical play "10 Angels of 'Melchizedek' Church". Numerous guests made an appearance as well to congratulate our church with this special day, for example - a 19yr old musician and missionary, Vadim Zanko. In conclusion, I want to reiterate, that all the work put in by our leadership team payed off and it was amazing to see the proffesionalism in the program for this magnificent celebration. Although it's really not something to be surprised about, because as we all know, "Melchizedek" is a church that strives to be at the high standards of our Lord, Jesus Christ. That is why we live for Him and celebrate for Him! Praise be to our God! Amen.

Written by Tarasoff, Melchizedek church g12sacramento.org