Couples Encounter

28 and 29 May a conference on marriage and family, "Inkaunter" husband and wife. From the basics of marriage and family relationships between spouses in the light of Bible teachings gathered familiarized known Christian minister, Pastor John and Angela Espinoza, who are members of G12 in the Great Lakes region.

The conference was attended by more than seventy pairs from different churches of Chicago. Most were representatives of the Russian-and Spanish-speaking churches. Among them were both young and married couples, whose experience of married life is calculated for decades.

Seminars Pastor John and Angela on the relationship between the spouses in various stages of family life, mutual love and respect between spouses, on how to resolve conflicts that arise (without which can not do in everyday life), an ability to forgive and not hold anger on each other, Relationship with children (both young, and adults) about the proper and reasonable sex life between the spouses were so important and instructive, that all those gathered listened to with great interest and attention.

This applies to everyone, is the foundation of life. We can not even imagine that in a newly built town houses destroyed half a year, and in another year or two, many of the others. But it happens in the life of the newly constructed families (this is a terrible statistics today), because they are built on shaky foundations or no. And nobody sounded the alarm, does not seek out, as if it should be.

People need to educate on the correct biblical basis for building a family, maintaining family life. That this was devoted to "Inkaunter", held in specially designed areas of the hotel "Hyatt" in Shamburge.

Organizers of the conference - the church of the "Ark" (Pastor Michael and Vera Login) and the Spanish-speaking churches of the city Medayna (Pastor Solomon and Norma Rogelio) and Karpentersvil (Fernando Fernandez and Elba) - put a lot of effort and creativity in order to participate in the conference was successful, memorable and enjoyable. On the final evening, all participating couples in turn included in the hall to the sounds of the march of Mendelssohn, exchanged gifts and rings as a sign of renewal of the covenant, and dedicated themselves to each other again.

Grand design of rooms, flowers, music, refreshments, and most importantly the depth of the Word and the revelation of the principles of life and ministry of the family, left an unforgettable impression on participants and further strengthened the family in their future life together for ministry.

Author: Valery Gorokhovskiy edited by Pastor Michael login.

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