Joint prayer of the churches

On December 4 the Ark church held a corporate prayer, which was attended by the pastors, ministers and members of the Greater Chicago Russian speaking churches to worship in one spirit the only One who is worthy.

On my watch I stood, and stood on the tower, watching to see
what he will say to me, and than I respond to my complaint.
And the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets,
so that the reader could easily read,
because the vision is yet for an appointed time
and speaks of the end and it will not lie,Though it tarries
wait for it, Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.
“Behold, the proud, his soul is not upright in him , but the righteousness will live by his faith."
Habakkuk 2 :1-4

The service began at 3 pm and lasted until evening. The presence of the Holy Spirit descended on the audience from the beginning of worship. The pastor of "The Ark" Michael Login encouraged to watch and be careful about what the Holy Spirit is saying. Attending pastors of the churches shared the word and made prayers.

Pastor Michael Login, Ark Church.
Addressing the audience he said that people often complain of difficulties and challenges of life and does not know how to answer all their concerns. In each situation, God sends a word in reply, to start to do new things, but in order to hear it, you must be vigilant and protect your ears. Christ Church wins, if it has a clear vision, written on the tablets of the heart. When a common vision becomes a personal revelation of each member of the church, then comes the power of the unity of the Body of Christ. Vision makes the service easy and clear to understand all the goals.You do not always see the result immediately, so waiting for - the next step of success. Initiated prayer bear fruit in God's time, and constancy in prayer will lead to change. Faith in God gives a vision that opens up for each who is thirsty, because "Righteousness shall live by faith" (Hab. 2:4)and it gives long life for the prayer.

Pastor Ivan Novatzky, God's Dwelling Place
Discovered the principle of prayer life of Jesus. Relationship with the Father and the adoption open heavens for the action of the Holy Spirit for God's vision to be accomplished.

Pastor Anatoly Silchuk, Victory Assembly of God

  • Spiritual age makes God's voice clear
  • Why do you live in this city, why did you put in this area?
  • John had a place, an island habitat, and there he received the revelation of Jesus. Learn how to find relationship with God on your island to live by His revelation.

Pastor Daniil Ivanov, Temple of God's Grace

  • The man wants and is looking for much, the heart of our quest - is God.
  • Unyielding Faith makes prayer effective.
  • Ark - raised banner of the church.

Pastor Oleg Tsymbalyuk, Alpha and Omega Church

  • Worship - is an offering in the first place.
  • Forgive others when you stand in prayer.

Pastor Sergei Terpay, Christian House of Worship

  • Instruction from God- faithfulness and fear of the Lord
  • Nehemiah chose the watchman from the inhabitants of Jerusalem and they guarded the city.

Pastor Vera Login, Ark Church

  • Jeremiah 1. Before our birth, and calling God the Father knew his people.
  • Excuses (too young, or too old) do not work before God.
  • Do not be afraid because the Lord is with you (Jeremiah 1:8)
  • Jonah behaved opposite toward God’s will. Disobedience of believers makes crisis, but God has mercy, extending time, and saves us.Don’t run from city of Nineveh - Preach in it!
  • The pastors closed their service with a prayer of blessings of the cities' residents, all Christians and local churches.

    In conclusion of the meeting a presentation was made by a minister of the church "Harvest" Paul Minyakov from "International Mission of Hope." He spoke about the work, aims and results of this ministry to teenagers. Gathered in the room supported the project as prayerfully and financially.

    An example of a corporate prayer, which led to the transformation of the society can be seen in the early chapters of Acts. Jesus reveals the essence of prayer in the word "agree" (Matthew 18:19). What means to agree? The Greek translation of the word has the following terms: to negotiate, to be unanimous and be in harmony, fit. This prayer meeting was a good example of harmony and unity of several churches. We believe that this prayer is one more step towards the coming kingdom of God in power in our region.

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