Ark Church shared Gospel on Russian Community Festival

An annual festival-picnic was held on September 19-th. The picnic was organized by radio «New Life Radio» 1330 АМ and gathered Russian-speaking community of the Chicagoland. This annual festival-picnic has 10 years old tradition and has a great success gathering Russian-speaking immigrants from former Soviet Republics regardless of age. At times the people who have not seeing each other for years meet one another at this event. Also, many local businesses presented and promoted their services. Besides, social and religious organizations participate as well by sharing their views. Many professional and amateur musical groups perform on the stage for children and adult who visit the picnic.

Church "Ark" participated in this event with purpose of sharing the Gospel. Serious preparation has been done prior to the picnic, namely: booklets for evangelism, CD's as well as spiritual literature for new Christians were developed. Some weeks in a row the sermons were preached in the church on the topic of testimony and what God does in people's lives. The most important thing - the church prayed very hard to the Lord for people at picnic to be ready to open their hearts, hear the Gospel and to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and the Savior.

At the festival the church appeared as a team dressed in T-shirts with a word «Love» on a chest, the verse theme of Evangelizing was John 3:16. The church's booth was beautifully decorated with natural flowers, on the tables and in hands of people were booklets, disks and Bibles which were distributed to all people who expressed an interest. The church's youth group prepared and gave out the popcorn to children. Also, there was a little table with paints for face-painting. Environment was filled with unity, friendship and love among the participants. All this positive feelings was passed on to the approaching people. People have been open for the Gospel, asked questions, left prayer requests and gave telephone numbers for the further communication. Some people donated money for various church needs. During the course of a day many people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The festival was concluded with performance of our church. At first, on the stage performed a musical group under the direction of Roman Jarmakovich from Minnesota. Author's songs were played in a modern style. Meaning of the songs was to direct those who are tired of living in sin and searches for new way, specifying that the way is in Jesus Christ. After that the pastor of church Michael Login came on the stage and preached about God's love, about the church and its mission. In the end of the sermon he called all city to love and unity. At the closing of festival, he prayed with prayer of Aaron for all who were present and asked God for well-being and blessing of the people.
In the end of a day the members of church formed a circle by joining hands and prayed prophetically proclaiming that people from this and other places will enter into God' family.