Charity Sale on Saturday October 9

Years are going by, our children are growing, we change and our households, our basements are getting filled with items that become outdated, items that annoy us and items that no longer fit us. It may include clothes, footwear, electronics, kitchenware, furniture and such.
We want something new and prices are affordable, yet the old items that we grew-together-to are hard to separate with. However, there is an option: DONATION. Donate these items to people who need them: to peoples who are poor, homeless and sick.
A Good Deed you will do... It will add satisfaction to your soul... On top of it you will receive a document showing an amount of your tax deductable donation. Yet better off - you are the one to specify an amount of the write-off. We only confirm the fact of reception of the items received in the document.
We help needy; we feed homeless and sick people.
If you have lots of items or it is hard to you to bring them in to us, we can arrange to pick them up at convenient for you time.
All you need to do is to call 847-845-3105 or email us at info@g12chicago.com.
Your request will be recorded and appropriate arrangements will be made to pick up the items.
We diligently ask all those who now read this offer, to pass it on to their relatives, friends and neighbors.

On Saturday October 9 the Ark Church makes the Charity Sale. Please contribute your time and