Jesus is Risen - He is risen indeed!

April 8 at the church's Ark was an Easter liturgy.


Easter is one of the major festivals in the church calendar. This is a special day in which all the faithful remember that death does not hold Jesus Christ, and He rose again.

This is a day of victory - the victory of life over death. Perhaps this is why many of those present at the celebration said the special festive atmosphere. "Worship was so enthusiastic and triumphant! Hall was filled with a cloud of praise. When the song sounded the rain, I felt the spirit as the large drops of rain fall. I felt God's presence "- says one of the priests.

Filled with joy the hearts of men. "My Easter day began at 6 am. It was very difficult to get because it was the first time I went to morning prayers. After the prayer filled me such joy, I was riding on a happy day service, as if flying on the wings, "- says the brother of the church.
Some people said that this day was very easy, everything went smoothly and perfect. Everyone knew that he needed to do and was in its place. One woman took the initiative and beautifully decorated banquet tables, another brought a bouquet of lilacs.

All parts of the service successfully went after each other without causing fractures. Many liked the scene, and attended a live lamb. One guest describes his impressions: "It was great. When I heard the bleating, I thought it was a record, then I realized that the very sheep produces these sounds. " Another guest was pleasantly surprised by the fact that for the first time I saw the Easter service at the performance of a solo dance. People express their love and gratitude to Jesus, how could someone with their voices in song, and someone with his body in dance.
You can not tell how the celebration of Easter has affected all people in the church, but some people have decided to change their lives. For example, one young man decided to go to church and to legalize their relationship with the woman before the Lord and people. Others affirmed that the need to continue to continue to serve. Also, people were reminded that Jesus is risen so that all areas of life can rise again. Jesus conquered death. Christ is risen - He is Risen Indeed!

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