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What is an Encounter?

One of the most effective and integral parts of the G12 vision is Encounter. This is a three-day outreach ministry, where a person experiences a revelation of the Cross and a supernatural encounter with God. To have our life change dramatically, we need to experience an encounter like this with God Almighty. This is a meeting with yourself causing you to see your life through the eyes of God and moving you to seek the changes that He wants to make in  it. The new believer comes face-to-face with God, with His Word, with himself, and with his past. In three days the person’s past and present life are carefully subjected to a critical examination with the help of God’s Word so that God's purposes in the believer’s life may be discovered and implemented.

Objectives of an Encounter:

  • Be completely sure of their salvation
  • Experience genuine repentance
  • Break bondages that bind them to their past
  • Receive inner healing in their heart
  • Receive and experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit in their life
  • Receive a clear direction and vision for their life

What happens at the Encounter?

During the retreat, the person realizes that he has a great future as an adopted child of God through the ministry of Jesus. Relationships are healed and restored through God's love and forgiveness. By the grace of God, passive, destructive and sinful lifestyle will be broken, and a new life will emerge under God's nurturing care. Before the retreat, the Encounter leader will prepare the participants for this experience. He will lay the foundation for what will take place at the Encounter. Participants are given practical advice on how to prepare their heart and mind for a personal encounter with God. They will be exhorted to wait on the Lord who brings about radically transformed lives.

The retreat is divided into several stages: repentance, healing of damaged emotions and deliverance from sin. These stages in the believers' life are all parts of God's plan and vision being manifested as a result of Christ's victory at Calvary and the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit. At each of these stages, the participants are directed to focus on key passages in the Bible, allowing God to touch them personally and reveal indwelling sins in their lives. As they confess and repent before God, they will receive forgiveness and experience healing.

After the encounter, a meeting will be held to equip the parcitipants with practical skills on the following issues:

  • How to walk in repentance and continue to experience the healing and deliverance that happened at the Encounter;
  • How to deal with life in its natural settings such as family, work place and the community, which will all be impacted by the blessings that took place at the Encounter;
  • Walk a victorius Christian life.

Is this for me?

At the Encounter, the Lord will cause a miracle to happen in your life as you study and meditate upon His Word. The Encounter team will minister through intercessory prayer for every participant, as they prepare for God's healing power descending upon them, as God radically transform their lives. During the preparatory phase of this event, the team will pray, fast, and minister for every participant . After the Encounter is completed, this intercession will be extended for one week.
If you want a dramatic change to happen in your life, or if you feel that it has come to a standstill, or if you desire to be used mightily in God's service, the Encounter is for you indeed.

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